Our Venues

St Augustine's School


London NW6

Every Saturday

From 7.30am - 2pm

Princess May School

Stoke Newington

London N16

Every Saturday and Sunday

From 7.30am - 2pm


Both of our Car Boot Sales operate all year round as our grounds are Hardstanding and we have Indoor Areas for those 'Rainy Days'.


Car Boot Sales don’t get much better than this

  • Great selection of sellers with genuine 'turnout' items.
  • Centrally located venues, easily accessible by TFL and cars.
  • Great Cafes located inside our venues to complete your shopping experience.


Two fantastic venues with a great following of shoppers

  • Exceptionally well organised events with cars being able to book in advance and get a timeslot to turn up.
  • Hundreds of Shoppers each week.
  • Both Venues in such great locations, easily accessible to all.

About London Car Boot Co

Who joins us for this weekly event? Everyone that is anyone!

Each week we have an array of sellers, many of our traders have great sources of second hand and vintage goods; some travel to France to replenish their stock. Most of our sellers are “genuine turn out” sellers, clearing their homes of unwanted clothes, bric-a-brac (and hidden treasures).

Our success has led to visitors filming for popular TV programmes such as The Apprentice, Hoarders as well as the usual daytime Car Boot Sale shows.

The iconic fashion designer Paul Smith commissioned several pictures of the quintesensual british past time as part of a campaign. Our Car Boot Sale was selected for this great honour to be drawn by artist Jane (will get her surname). Even Robert Elms from BBC Radio London has done a feature on our Car Boot Sales!

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